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Curiti Fique Small Rug

Curiti Fique Small Rug

This small entry rug is hand woven by a family of artisans from the Santander region of Colombia. Woven in a vertical loom, this rug is hand knotted for 2 weeks and the result is a perfectly crafted geometric modern rug for outdoor and indoor spaces. 
Fique is a Colombian fibre from the family of agave plants, that needs very little water to grow and no fertilisers or pesticides to grow, making it a very resourceful fibre and a great sustainable option for natural fibres. 
Each rug is made to order and takes 4-6 weeks to make. Custom sizes are available upon request.


100% natural Fique from Colombia.
24" x 35" | 60cm x 90cm
Fique is a natural rough fiber that requires little maintenance. To wash it simply use a wet rag with little soap and rub it directly. Wash off with wet rag and then dry with a drier cloth. Make sure the fibers are not wet before extending to air dry. This is crucial to avoid mold accumulating. That is it! These items are long lasting and colors will not fade as quick as with other fibers. Avoiding direct sunlight is still recommended for long lasting vivid colors.

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