12 Brown Home Décor Pieces We Can't Get Enough Of

The secret to why interior designers love decorating with brown, no matter the current trend. Plus 12 artisan-made homeware pieces to help you decorate with brown.

Brown is anything but boring. With chocolate browns and caramels, burnt umber and rosy terracotta, just the names themselves are enough to tempt and delight.

Whilst brown is sometimes overlooked as dated or dull, the truth is this dependable colour is actually a favourite for many interior designers, loved for its versatility and ability to fit easily into nearly any palette.

"My motto is always brown, never gray. Shades of brown bring about warmth, earthiness, and calm that feel timeless and grounding,” says interior designer Jake Arnold in an article with Vogue.

Browns are known to trigger feelings of comfort and security. And when we think about how abundantly this pigment appears in the outdoor world, its no surprise why. As humans, we are instinctively drawn to nature (according to the biophilia hypothesis its even written in our DNA!)

By bringing earthy colours and textures into our homes, we feel closer to nature which in turn is proven to have a positive impact on our mood and wellbeing. This goes a long way to explaining why colours such as green, brown and blue are so common in interior "trends". These colours are timeless, simply because they make us feel safe, happy and resilient - and who doesn't want to feel that in their homes?

In celebration of this humble hue, we've rounded up of our favourite brown home décor pieces. All made using natural, sustainable materials and dyes that complement the earthy, rustic theme and invite texture and balance into the room.

Whether you're looking for a subtle hint with a brown accent piece, or going all out with a bold brown scheme (use darker shades for depth and drama and lighter shades for a soft and calming effect) transcend trends and seasons with these 10 brown homeware staples.

decorating with brown

Akunga Bolga Basket, Lola & Mawu - £49.99

With rich and earthy brown tones, this fine weave basket is not only beautiful but practical too. You'll find plenty of uses for it around the house (think paper bin, storage basket, indoor planter) making it a flexible home décor piece you'll never tire of.

Cocuy Cushion Cover, Zuahaza - £109

Handwoven by women artisans in Colombia, this organic cotton brown cushion has a soft and warm tone that will pair easily with existing textiles. The cross hatch design gives the cushion added dimension adding texture and depth to your interior.

Argentinian Rug, Moreno, Andes - £399

This authentic Argentinian rug has a contrasting design in "earth" and "bordeaux" and beautiful textured weave thats soft to touch. Each brown rug is handwoven on a traditional loom by skilled artisans using sheep's wool that has been shorn, spun and coloured by hand using natural dyes.

brown home decor

Small Woven Tub, The Baba Tree Co - £74

Pairing soft pink with a cocoa brown, this handwoven basket is as practical as it is beautiful. Made using traditional methods, the handled basket is made from Veta Vera grass, a sustainable and sturdy fibre sourced locally in Ghana.

Babillay Coffee Cotton Blanket, Boon & Up - £260

Another nod to nature, this cream and brown cotton blanket takes inspiration from the plumage of the Guinea Fowl. Its neutral colour palette makes it effortless to pair, while it's soft weighty feel irresistible to cosy under. Handwoven from 100% sustainable cotton sourced locally in Ghana.

Pecan Dyed Cushion Cover, The Adorned Home - £55

Made from 100% flax linen, this boho brown cushion is dyed using pigment extracted from pecan nut shells. The nature inspired cushion has a "tea-stained" aesthetic, offset with and block printed symbols in cocoa brown ink. 

natural brown home decor

Bogatà Runner Rug, Zuahaza - £459

Blending dark green and soft pink with the natural brown of the fique fibre, this traditional hand knotted rug is perfect for protecting your floors or adding natural texture to the room. Made in Colombia on a vertical loom, each rug takes 2 weeks to make.

Yoshida Pottery Yukiwa Plate, Cerani Studio - £44

Add a touch of nature to your dinner table with these floral inspired plates. Made by an independent potter in Yoshida, Japan, the plates are finished with a bespoke glaze that has a rustic texture and shimmers in different lighting.

Valle Round Pom Pom Cushion, Andes - £69-£105

Available in three sizes, this round pom pom cushion has a gorgeous rusty brown colour that can be both bold or soft, depending on the desired look. Pair with complementing earth tones for a warm accent, or contrast with white and oatmeal to bring focus on the piece. The unique shape is made using a circular loom by artisans in Argentina.

brown interior decorating

Resting Face Art Print, AFFANDJAM - £40

Crisp lines and clean strokes give this abstract print a striking quality, softened by its textured background. Use a brown frame to complement the warm brown hues.

Mimi Scalloped Lampshade, Hastshilp - £100

Decorating with rattan and cane is a great way to incorporate browns and natural materials into your interiors. Made in Northern India, these rattan lampshades can be used throughout the house - for lamps, wall lights and pendant lighting - and will add a playful touch with their scalloped trim.

Brown Printed Cushion Cover, Láayo - £20

Made from a premium cotton-linen blend, this graphic print cushion from Láayo is a fun and budget-friendly way to inject some pattern into your interior. Ideal for contemporary and modern homes.

Not found what you're looking for? Browse more brown home décor pieces in our Grounding Browns edit or search "brown" in the search bar at the top of the page.

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