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Argentinian Rug, Moreno

Argentinian Rug, Moreno

The neutral hues in Andes Moreno rug makes it a versatile addition to any room. Made from 100% sheep's wool, the textured rug has been hand-woven on a loom by artisans in Puna, an arid plateau in the Andes that has varied scenery with mountain passes, salt lakes and volcanoes. The wool rug is available in two designs, earth & bordeaux and earth & mustard. 



100% sheep's wool.
1.40 x 2.00 cms | 4’6’’ x 6’7’’
Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight, moisture and rotate to promote even wear. Careful shake or light beating with a tennis racket outside may be a better option than vacuuming. If in doubt, always seek the advice or service of an experienced rug cleaning professional. Never machine wash or hand wash an entire rug with water. This could lead to deformation and/or running of dyes.

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