Tamegroute Green Ceramic Large Candle
Tamegroute Green Ceramic Large Candle

Tamegroute Green Ceramic Large Candle

Artisan-made candle with a calming mint and tea fragrance
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This handcrafted candle has been made from the signature pottery of Saharan crafts from the village of Tamegroute using traditional, ancestral techniques. Transform the atmosphere with the scent of Mint and Tea which will transport you to a Saharan oasis. These candles are 100% handmade and produced by Côté Bougie.

Fragrance: Mint & Tea

Burn Time: 180 hours

Size: 15 x 15 cm / 6 x 6 in
Care instructions:

Made in Morocco, shipped from within the UK. Delivery UK only, 5-7 days. Free returns to our UK warehouse.

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Founded by two sisters Hasna and Kay, Artisans Du Maroc is a celebration of their childhood memories in Morocco, its rich culture and artistic heritage. Born from a desire to empower their native craftspeople and share their wares with the world, they work directly with communities across the land to facilitate their trade beyond borders and keep time-honoured heritage alive. Featuring consciously curated, sustainably produced home furnishings and décor, the souq is filled with the treasures and rare finds discovered by the sisters on their travel. Curated so that you might take some of the enchantment and magic of Morocco home with you too.

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