Pink Muslin Baby Blanket
Pink Muslin Baby Blanket

Pink Muslin Baby Blanket

A double cotton muslin throw perfect for newborns and toddlers.
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A gorgeous double cotton muslin baby blanket perfect for bedtime, story time and cuddle time. The baby throw has been naturally dyed using pigment extracted from avocados pips to create an organic dusty pink hue. The sunshine print in white has been hand printed using a lino-block stamp carved by the brand’s founder. Made from 100% cotton muslin, the lightwieght throw is a wonderful addition to any pram, nursery or crib.

Material: 100% cotton muslin
Size: 100 x 120 cm / 39 x 47 in
Care instructions: Hand wash with gentle detergent.

Made in South Africa. Shipped within the UK. UK Delivery 3-5 days | USA Delivery 7-14 days. Free returns to our UK warehouse for UK customers.

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The Adorned Home

The Adorned Home is for the conscious consumer and individual who seeks the unique. Created by South African printmaker Nastasha Minyon Sale, the homeware range is an embodiment of her artwork and the soft colours of nature. Inspired by the warm earthy tones of Mother Earth, the brand uses natural plant dyes made by extracting pigment from organic plant waste. All textiles are sustainably sourced, hand dyed and block printed with a hand carved lino-block stamp created by the artist. The stamps are of symbols she has created to represent different elements.

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