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Massa Embroidered Avocado Striped Cushion

Massa Embroidered Avocado Striped Cushion

This timeless striped cushion is inspired by the name of Oshana's Syrian artisans Mona and her daughter Massa, which means diamond in Arabic. Mona was forced to flee Damascus, due to war, and through Oshana has found independence and a supportive community. The linen cushion features a hand embroidered diamond design for Mona's daughter, who through this work is able to go to school. Available in avocado green and tangerine orange, the cushions' simple design makes them easy to pair with other cushions throughout the house.

100% profits are returned to the maker.


Cotton embroidery thread on linen and cotton
40 x 40cm
Machine wash on a cool delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry.

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