Juju Agate Stone Bracelet Set – Ebony & Ivory (set of 4)

Juju Agate Stone Bracelet Set – Ebony & Ivory (set of 4)

t of four ebony and ivory bracelets.
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Bring luck to your everyday with Soul Design’s ebony and ivory agate stone bracelet set. Made from agate stones, the set includes four bracelets – two with ebony coloured stones and two with ivory coloured stones. The bracelets also feature recycled brass detailing and charms. In African religions, Juju refers to the magical properties dealing with good luck. The set can be worn together, individually, or stacked with other styles.

Material: Agate stone & 100% recycled brass
Size: 19cm diameter
Care instructions:

Designed & shipped from South Africa. Made in Kenya. UK / USA Delivery 5-8 days. Free returns for UK customers to our UK warehouse.

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Soul Design

Soul Design is a Cape Town based jewellery brand that sheds light on creativity across the African continent. The brand was founded by Abi James, and later joined by Vics Bresler, both of whom share a love for Africa, creativity and travel. SOUL connects with artisans across the continent, to hand create unique pieces of jewellery using sourced locally materials. They are passionate about ethical and sustainable trade, and committed to providing long term employment to the people it works with. SOUL has various give back initiatives, and where possible supports local creatives to build their business. Each SOUL Design piece is a modern keepsake of African creativity, telling a story about where it has come from and the hands that made it.

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