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Jikoni Scoop

Jikoni Scoop

It’s an ideal size for using with tea leaves, ground coffee, dried herbs and seeds. With the intricately carved grooves on the handle, it’s a design piece to treasure for years to come.

‘Jikoni’ in Kiswahili means ‘kitchen’. This scoop is made by Filbert, QÄSA QÄSA’s artisan in Mtwara, Tanzania, and is a wonderful gift for a foodie. Some of the scoops feature a unique two-toned natural grain, showcasing the raw natural beauty of African Blackwood.

Please note although the wood is called African Blackwood, it can sometimes have beautiful light grains and sections running through it giving a beautiful two tone look.



African Blackwood
Length 8cm | Scoop diameter 4.5cm | Depth 3cm | Handle length 3cm
Hand-wash gently in lukewarm water and dry. Do not put in the dishwasher or leave soaking in liquids.

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