Brightening Skin Scrub

Brightening Skin Scrub

Sugar-based dead skin exfoliator to refresh, smooth and tone.
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Sugar Scrub for Combination/Normal Skin Types

The RAW BEAUTY TM SKIN SCRUB is a sugar-based dead skin exfoliator that works to reveal a fresher, smoother and more even-toned skin. It gently clears up any hyperpigmentation caused by acne, eczema or other skin inflammations. It also moisturises, nourishes and conditions the skin leaving it soft and smooth with a luxurious texture and a radiant glow.

For best results, use after bathing or washing your face with one of our Skin Soaps. Whilst skin is still wet, scoop up some scrub with a spatula. Place unto wet hands and activate by rubbing with both palms. Rub unto the skin and exfoliate in circular movements until the sugar has dissolved. Leave on for one minute. Rinse off and moisturise accordingly.

Best used at Night-Time.

Material: 4oz/120ml packaged in a Glass Jar + Aluminium Cap and Kraft Paper Box and Label.
Care instructions: Keep in a cool dry place.

Made in Nigeria. Shipped from UK. Delivery 3-5 days. No returns unless faulty or damaged.

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Raw Beauty

Located in the heart of the African Sahel, RAW Beauty’s product aesthetics are influenced by the transitional nature of our land, where the rugged and arid Sahara Desert meets the lush grass and woodlands of the Savanna. The products are a perfect juxtaposition of Ancient Indigenous and Medicinal Plant Extracts with Modern Active Ingredients, Advanced Formulation and Molecular Science, creating the Ultimate ‘Eco Luxury Brand’ that is grounded in tradition but charges into the future.

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