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Lala Salama

Athena Bangle

Athena Bangle

The Athena bangle is an elegant cuff for your wrist. Made by Kenyan artisans using recycled brass, the adjustable bangle is inspired by the the strength and generosity of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. The design features two parallel hammered bangles joined together by a solid dark central piece, made from a mixture of brass dust and sand. One of a kind, this bracelet makes a wonderful gift.



Recycled brass and sand.
Adjustable size
Weight: 0.9 oz
It is the nature of brass to evolve over time and some love this more antique look while others prefer the pieces to remain consistent - bright and polished. Clean unwanted tarnish and darker spots using the pro polish pad provided. Simply buff with the pad until the tarnish is lifted and the piece becomes shiny again. Over a longer period of time we recommend using a mix of lemon and water - excellent for removing stubborn marks and tarnish.

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