Investing in People to Protect the Planet

CARBON ANNOUNCEMENT - AKOJO MARKET partners with Nula Carbon to help reduce its carbon footprint.

We are delighted to announce that AKOJO MARKET has partnered with Nula Carbon to help reduce our carbon footprint. Nula Carbon helps individuals and companies offset their unavoidable emissions by protecting threatened forests.

Nula Carbon has independently assessed our carbon emissions and we have retrospectively offset carbon emissions for all orders shipped since we began, and of course going forward. The forest protection carbon credits we’ve purchased generates income for landowners and local communities in Kenya – through Wildlife Works – to protect the forests that exist. This solution totally resonates with us: Investing in people to protect the planet.

"Truly sustainable environmentalism must have people at the heart of the project so that they can work to protect the forest, rather than being forced to chop trees down." - Charlotte, Co-Founder of Nula Carbon

We believe in protecting what we already have. And whilst all trees are different, the more mature they are, the more carbon they are likely to store. Did you know that for every one hectare of rainforest protected, we would need an area 30 times the size to deliver the same climate mitigation result from reforestation?

To preserve what already exists and champion those protecting our planet totally resonates with us, and we hope with you.

For further reading check out Eco Age’s articles about the increasingly spurious and sometimes damaging attempts to ‘offset carbon footprint’.

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