Designer Spotlight: Gracie from Cerani Studio

In this Designer Spotlight we chat with Gracie from Cerani Studio about how she came to fall in love with tableware, the qualities she looks for when choosing homeware, and get her insider tips 

1. Can you tell us little about your background and the origins for Cerani.

Growing up in Hong Kong, I moved to London in 2018 to pursue my career in the fashion industry. However, the turbulent environment of 2020 had a different path in mind. I noticed a gap in the market for vintage-inspired minimalistic ceramics while spending more time home cooking. I began carefully sourcing luxury ceramics inspired by the craftsmanship and culture of the potters behind them. So became a little space named Cerani Studio .

At Cerani Studio, we uphold our founder’s Japanese heritage. Whilst modern-day artists pursue updated techniques; they maintain the highest quality from the source. It’s a promise we hold for our customers, only providing products designed to last.

 2. What is it about tableware in particular that you love so much?

I fell in love with tableware when I started home cooking 2 years ago. I found it interesting to elevate food with different tableware and it’s a pleasure to see a completed table setting. It lights up your mood and appetite.

3. Your collections are rooted in Japanese heritage. Why is it important to you that we preserve and celebrate handcraft techniques?

Japanese potters value heritage as their purpose of business. I admired their traditions and insistence in quality and techniques. These are the treasures we should preserve by generation.

4. You work with a number of potters and craftspeople in Japan. Can you tell us a little more about how you find and what you look for in the artists you work with.

I discovered the potters through my network and referrals in Japan. What I look for are the uniqueness of craftsmanship and the stories behind the design. I believe that good inspirations make unforgettable designs.

5. When choosing homeware pieces for your home, what are the key things you think about?

I believe Tableware should be practical and adaptable to your home theme. I hope my pieces can be capable for everyday use as well as greeting your guests.

6. Do you have any travel tips for Hong Kong and Japan.

I would suggest to explore local shops (instead of popular touristy spots) for food and homeware in both Hong Kong and Japan. You will be able to discover lot of cultures you never see in the UK. Also, there is lot of independent designers in hidden streets!

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