12 Striped Homeware Pieces For Timeless Styling

Got a thing for stripes? Transcend trends and create a home that stands the test of time with these handcrafted striped home décor pieces.

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One of our favourite things about striped homeware is that it never goes out of style. That, and it's just so versatile.

While stripes can come in endless combinations of colour, width and texture, their symmetrical nature lends to easy pairing that makes them effortless to incorporate into existing interiors. 

Add colour and contrast to your breakfast table with a pinstripe tablecloth. A playful accent to a cosy nook with a chevron-striped cushion. Or mix and match thickness and colour for an eye-catching clash that will instantly uplift any interior.

And if a day comes that you’re bored of its designated home, you can simply move it to another room for a fresh new look. A tiger may not be able to change its stripes, but there’s nothing stopping you from mixing up your home décor...

We could go on and on about what makes striped homeware such a great investment - not to mention, their ability to redirect the eye and create an illusion of space (vertical stripes to make a room feel taller and horizontal stripes wider). But to save you a lengthy essay on our enduring love for all things striped, instead we thought we’d compile an edit with some of our favourite striped homeware pieces.

So without further ado: 12 timeless striped homeware pieces we challenge you to get bored of.

And as always, all our collections are ethically made by independent brands, with every thought for the planet and the hands that make them.

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1. Koo Koo Throw in Cirrus Blue by Boon & Up, £130

A rustic twist on a classic blue stripe throw. Distinctive for its crocheted tags that add a tactile quality whilst highlighting its handwoven origins. Made in Ghana from 100% cotton grown by smallholder African farmers.

2. Massa Embroidered Tangerine Striped Cushion, Oshana

Hand-stitched detail gives this striped cushion depth and draws attention to the beautiful intricacies of the design. Available in green or orange, each cushion is hand-embroidered by a woman refugee from Syria. 100% of profits are returned to the maker. 

3. Large Woven Tub, The Baba Treet Co. 

Upgrade your storage game with Baba Tree's bright and sturdy striped storage basket. Available in 3 sizes to be used any way you please, from holding wood by the fireplace to housing throws and blankets.

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4. Argentinian Rug, Lago Rosario by Andes, £119

This yellow striped rug is a subtle way to bring a dash of colour into your interiors. Handloomed from 100% Merino sheep's wool by an indigenous community in Argentina, the authentic artisan rug can be used in the bedroom, hallway or by a bathroom sink. 

5. Chingaza Small Throw, Zuahaza

Earthy colours make these thick striped throws easy to pair and give them a timeless quality. Made from organic cotton, each throw is woven using a linear weave for an "ombre" effect and is finished with a tassel trim. 

6Boyaca Fruit Bowl, Zuahaza

We love the playful marriage of burgundy and salmon tones in Zuahaza's striped handwoven fruit baskets. A simple way to introduce colour and texture to your tabletop.

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7. Roha Cotton Teal Striped Tea Towel, Qäsa Qäsa

Striped cotton tea towels... need we say more? Classic, chic, and in this case beautifully soft and absorbent. 

8. Summer Brights Hanging Planter, Mia Mélange

Featuring a bright two-tonal striped design, this rope hanging planter is giving pure joy. The planter is handmade using an ancient coiling technique and the height can be easily adjusted to best fit your space.

9. Twist Basket Black & Natural Striped, The Baba Tree Co.

With twists and stripes, this decorative basket is both bold enough to draw your eye, yet neutral enough to fit easily into most colour palettes. A win-win when it comes to timeless decorating that still feels fresh. 

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10. Zambo Striped Yellow Cushion by Boon & Up, £85

Contrasting horizontal and vertical lines, this handwoven cushion is a homage to stripes. Made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, the striped scatter cushions are handwoven by Dagaare women in northern Ghana using a method local to the region. 

11. Bolga Storage Basket – Lovely, Lola & Mawu

With joyful blues, pinks and oranges, this striped woven basket reminds us of Spring and Summer days. Made from 100% straw, the basket can be used in a variety of ways around the house, including as a storage basket, a waste paper bin or as a colourful planter.

12. Jute & Charcoal Table Basket Tray, Mia Mélange

With a three-tonal striped design, this woven basket tray can be used as a bread or fruit basket or hung on the wall for unique wall décor. Made from 100% cotton rope and available in three sizes.

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