Love Specs

      Love Specs are sunglasses with diffraction lenses that allow the wearer to see hearts wherever there is light. They were developed by founders Nina and Alice Pulford, as a way of engaging people and building awareness of the charity Love Support Unite Africa Foundation. Love Support Unite works alongside the Malawian government to deliver its health care programme and is currently on the front line delivering medical supplies to those in need. In 2019 alone, Love Support Unite funded projects that gave medical care to 11,059 people a month, 2,364 people with dental care, 32,660 meals to children in education, funded the reeducation of 561 adults, and enabled 110 families to be food secure through its sustainable family farming programme. Profits from the sale of Love Specs glasses funds critical development work to tackle extreme poverty in Malawi. All Love Specs glasses are made of recycled plastic.
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