Collection: Emeka Suits

Location of artisan makers: Kenya

Emeka Suits create clothing, visuals and stories that are unique in their aesthetics and powerful in their impact. Rooted in Africa, the black-owned business seeks to overcome post-colonial supply-chains and create empowerment through ownership and employment. Emeka works with local tailors in East and West Africa, pushing forward the black narrative and creating work opportunities for people who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves. Their clothing is based upon the idea of resourcefulness and circularity, upcycling materials that would otherwise be considered waste and creating an awareness for the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

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Upcycling second hand clothes and fabrics using handcraft techniques.


Made by tailors in rural Kenya.


Pushing the black narrative forward, raising awareness of the environmental impact of clothing and creating work opportunities for artisans.

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