Collection: Duarra

Location of artisan makers: Democratic Republic of Congo

Duarra was founded by Manitou Nsaka, a London based journalist originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. On his travels to Kinshasa, DRC’s capital, Manitou was surprised to discover that Kuba artisans were struggling to make ends meet. And despite producing exquisite pieces of textile, the 400 year old tradition was not being passed down to the next generation as it was not seen as a viable way of earning a living. In an effort to preserve this ancient heritage, Duarra was born, connecting the Kuba artisans with a global audience and keeping the tradition alive.

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Made using the ancient Kuba textile tradition from raffia palm leaves with appliqué, embroidery, cut-pile and resist-dyeing techniques.


Made by the Kuba tribe of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Helping disadvantaged artisans with market access to enable self-reliance and support for their families and local community.

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