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Natural Clay Side Plate

Natural Clay Side Plate

Get a side plate that looks as good as the dish with these natural clay side plates. Lovingly crafted by a small community of women in the town of Reyes, Mexico. The small plates are fired with wood in a brick oven and burnished using an ancient technique to seal the clay. It is then dipped in beeswax giving the dinner plate its distinctive shine. Pair with the designer’s matching plates, available in natural, red or black clay.

This side plate is from the designer's The Stones And The Stone collection.


Ceramic finished with pure beeswax.
15cm (diameter) each
This is a natural clay, which is a very good thermal insulator. It does not get hot with boiling water, so it will protect your fingers. Even though our pieces can resist high temperatures we recommend not to put them in direct contact with fire or for long time in the oven. The special finish with beeswax is resistant enough for food but you should avoid to use aggressive soaps or dishwasher. A soft and natural soap and a sponge is enough to clean them and preserve the beautiful shine for a very long time.You can be confident in the using forks, spoons and table knives with these products. Be careful with sharp knives as these can scratch the piece.

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