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Rice Paddle

Rice Paddle

This one is for all the fellow rice lovers out there! Inspired by the Japanese ‘shamoji’, a large flat spoon to traditionally serve rice. Designed with a large head to effectively sweep and stir grains without mashing them. The handle with a slight curve allows for easy gripping and is ever so tactile. It can also be used in the kitchen to toss vegetables in a roasting tray – a lovely piece that is versatile to use and to take straight to the serving table.

Handmade by Daniel, QÄSA QÄSA’s artisan in Mtwara, Tanzania, this piece has been beautifully carved and is a perfect gift for a foodie. Some of the paddles feature a unique two-toned natural grain, showcasing the raw natural beauty of African Blackwood.

Please note although the wood is called African Blackwood, it can sometimes have beautiful light grains and sections running through it giving a beautiful two tone look.



African Blackwood
Total length 20cm | Handle length 10cm | Paddle width 6.5cm
Hand-wash gently in lukewarm water and dry. Do not put in the dishwasher or leave soaking in liquids.

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