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THE CLASSIC Towel - Ecru & Yellow

THE CLASSIC Towel - Ecru & Yellow

Large yellow organic cotton towel with a vintage match box design. The design is inspired by the Bilberry bumblebee - or ‘jewel of the Lake District’ - an endangered species with distinct mustard yellow thorax bands and deep orange and red tail. The block yellow towels are super soft to touch, made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with a medium sized loop pile to ensure durability and maximum absorbency. 

The Bilberry bee's main cause of decline is due to habitat loss and degradation, which reduce or eliminate the flowering plants it relies on. 


GOTS + OEKO-TEX organic cotton. 600 gsm terry weave.
100cm x 150cm
Wash: On low temperatures. Detergent: Use natural detergent where possible Dry: On low temperatures. Frays: If any loops fray, cut the strand with scissors rather than pulling.

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