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Shimenawa Earrings - Beige

Shimenawa Earrings - Beige

Bold rope knot earrings by South African brand Pichulik. They have been crafted from repurposed cotton rope which has been shaped to resemble a knot. The knot earrings are complete with custom brass finishes and a titanium pin, making them suitable for sensitive ears.

Their name comes from the twisted ropes used in Japan’s Shinto tradition to separate sacred spaces from the rest of the world. The earrings are intended to protect the wearer and ward off evil energy. Whilst big in impact, the earrings are surprisingly light. For full impact, wear with your hair swept back.


Wax cotton rope (repurposed), brass, gold lurex
These earrings weigh 12 grams and are 9 cm in length.

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