Glass Droplet Earrings
Glass Droplet Earrings
Glass Droplet Earrings
Glass Droplet Earrings
Glass Droplet Earrings

Glass Droplet Earrings

Glisten and shine with Lala Salama's elegant glass droplet earrings.
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Lala Salama's glass droplets; let these glisten in the sun and steal the show. They come in several colours and are made from recycled brass and recycled glass; carefully hand-crafted by artisans in Kenya using traditional crafting and polishing techniques. As they are handmade, not a single piece is the same. This is the true beauty of handmade.

The brass matches a yellow gold in colour and tone and we are proud to use recycled brass; it has been used for decades in Africa and is a sustainable alternative to gold - eliminating the need for mining. This metal is also known to have metaphysical properties that allow one to express their true authentic self.

Material: 100% recycled brass and recycled glass
Size: Length 6 cm
Care instructions: It is the nature of brass to evolve over time and some love this more antique look while others prefer the pieces to remain consistent - bright and polished. Clean unwanted tarnish and darker spots using the pro polish pad provided. Simply buff with the pad until the tarnish is lifted and the piece becomes shiny again. Over a longer period of time we recommend using a mix of lemon and water - excellent for removing stubborn marks and tarnish.

Made in Kenya. Shipped from the UK. UK Delivery 3-5 days | US Delivery 7-14 days. Free returns for UK customers to our warehouse.

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Lala Salama

Lala Salama is a women-led brand, founded by a mother-daughter duo to spread love for ethically made jewellery and celebrate the beautiful work of African artisans. They hope to re-define luxury as hand-made; with a mission to improve the lives of others by creating financial opportunities for skilled artisans. Each piece of jewellery is ethically made using locally sourced materials by a skilled team of craftspeople in Kenya. Only materials that can be 100% recycled are used. Many of the pieces using brass - a material known to have metaphysical properties that allow one to be their true authentic self; mirroring the vision of the brand.  Embodying powerful, independent and courageous energy, the jewellery aims to encourage you to start and end each day as your best version of yourself.

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