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Checked Turquoise & Red Tiered Dress

Checked Turquoise & Red Tiered Dress

This fabric is called ‘Maasai Shuka’ and is the traditional fabric worn by the Maasai Tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. The Tiered Dress has pockets and drawstring sleeves.

The beads on the dress are made from recycled glass by members of the Krobo tribe in Ghana, by using a centuries old technique. The crushed glass is shaped is heated over a fire in moulds which are made from mud. That gives the beads their frosty and uneven texture. The colour of the beads on your dress is determined by the type of glass that is used and will vary between white, blue and green.


Traditional Maasai Shuka cotton fabric.
Onesize. Loose fit.
Machine washable 30 degrees. All Moto Moto products are handmade, each dress is unique therefore colours and patterns can vary slightly from the picture.

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