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Hadithi Crafts

Fine Weave Baskets

Fine Weave Baskets

Experience the enduring charm of Hadithi Crafts' Traditional Taita Sisal Basket. Each piece is a unique work of art, celebrating the heritage of Taita craftsmanship and the creativity of the Hadithi Crafts artisans. Explore the intricate details of this finely woven masterpiece, with a weaving density ranging from 80 to 120 knots per inch, a testament to our artisans' skill and dedication.

This traditional collection uses colours derived from soil, leaves, and tree bark, following age-old techniques – 100% organic and completely natural. For brighter hues used in colourful collections, modern dyes are used in our Hadithi dye centre, adhering to environmental and social guidelines, offering a new realm of creativity for traditional artisans. Our weavers pour their creativity into each basket.

With five sizes available, you can choose the perfect Taita Sisal Basket to suit your needs, be it a small accent or a bold centrepiece, fitting seamlessly into any space.

Embrace the Taita people's heritage and artistry with a Traditional Taita Sisal Basket from Hadithi Crafts. Elevate your decor with cultural elegance, and own a piece of history that will captivate your senses for years to come.

Hadithi means 'a story' in kiswahili language. Handicrafts with a story, from Tsavo, Kenya.


Range from X-Small 13x13cm to to Large 28x28 cm

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