Collection: Lālla

Location of artisan makers: Morocco

Lālla London partner with female run cooperatives to ethically produce hand knotted rugs in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Celebrating craftsmanship and the individuality of handmade design, Lãlla rugs are made from only natural materials, using the varying qualities of wool and cotton. Lālla’s service is personalised to ensure each client receives the perfect rug for their space, offering complimentary house visits in London, so you can ‘try before you buy’ or opt for a customised rug. Once all the details are confirmed, the rug is placed into production for 90 days, where the weavers dye the wool, prepare the yarn and hand-knot each piece individually. If you are interested in purchasing a custom-made rug please email for further details.

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Crafted from natural fibres using traditional hand-knot and weaving techniques.


Woven by women cooperatives in the Atlas Mountains.


Supporting female weavers and promoting fair pay in Berber communities.

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