Trio of Soap Bars Gift Set
Trio of Soap Bars Gift Set
Trio of Soap Bars Gift Set
Trio of Soap Bars Gift Set

Trio of Soap Bars Gift Set

Raw Beauty's trio of soap bars in a handy set.
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RAW BEAUTY's trio of Soap Bars in a handy set each containing a unique mixture of African plant extracts. 

Brightening Soap Bar
Ultra Vitamin C increasing collagen production and blood flow. It significantly brightens hyperpigmentation caused by acne, sunburn etc. and evens out the skin tone. Anti-aging qualities. For Combination, Normal Skin

Detox Soap Bar
Deeply cleansing and conditioning leaving your skin balanced, smooth, clear and radiant. Made with oils that are light and high in fatty acids of Omega 3 & 6 to sink deep into the skin’s epidermis and heal, protect and nourish.

Renewal Soap Bar
High in Vitamins B so helps the skin in maintaining hydration and elasticity when exposed to UV rays, this leads to softer, smoother skin with less dryness and flakiness and a reduction of fine lines.


Pick up the soap with clean, wet hands and rub unto palms. Apply unto face and massage in circular motions. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.


Care instructions: Keep in a cool dry place and drain properly.

Made in Nigeria. Shipped from UK. Delivery 3-5 days. No returns unless faulty or damaged.

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Raw Beauty

Located in the heart of the African Sahel, RAW Beauty’s product aesthetics are influenced by the transitional nature of our land, where the rugged and arid Sahara Desert meets the lush grass and woodlands of the Savanna. The products are a perfect juxtaposition of Ancient Indigenous and Medicinal Plant Extracts with Modern Active Ingredients, Advanced Formulation and Molecular Science, creating the Ultimate ‘Eco Luxury Brand’ that is grounded in tradition but charges into the future.

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