Collection: Kilubukila

Location of artisan makers: DRC

Based in Kinshasa, DR Congo, KILUBUKILA bridges the gap between craft and design and provides economic opportunities to female artisans in DRC. Handmade by women artisans from the Kuba tribe, their luxury collection showcases designer Jess's Congolese identity and helps to celebrate and preserve the cultural identity of the Kuba tribe.

In adapting the craft to contemporary standards and providing key skills training, the design studio seeks to reinterpret the Congolese narrative abroad and empower local women.

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Handwoven using traditional Kuba textile techniques from 100% raffia palm grown by local farmers.


Made by female artisans in the DR Congo.


Safeguarding and celebrating traditional Kuba textiles while creating jobs and training opportunities for local women artisans.

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