Collection: Dear Katiopae

Location of artisan makers: Ghana, Ivory Coast & Kenya

Katiopa was the name of Africa in Kongo kingdom before the colonialism occurred. Through modern, delicate and chic jewellery, Dear Katiopae aims to change the narrative and tell the story of various African cultures, including Ashanti, Akan, Bamileke, Ewe, Masai and others, by reinterpreting ancestral forms and symbols and enlightening the traditional skills and crafts. Founder Aïcha partners with artisans from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Kenya, repurposing bronze and brass using the artisanal technique of lost wax, which sublimates imperfections and makes each piece unique.  The three E’s of DK are ethnic, ethics and environmentally friendly. By wearing a Dear Katiopae jewel, you are helping to preserve century-old heritages and traditions.

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Repurposing brass using the artisanal technique of lost wax before recasting into original designs.


Made in collaboration with artisans in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Kenya.


Champions local craftsmanship and African heritage using ancestral symbols deriving from various African cultures, including Ashanti, Akan, Bamileke, Ewe, Masai.

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