Collection: Asha : Eleven

Location of artisan makers: South Africa

Asha : Eleven is a Cape Town brand founded by Olivia Kennaway. Kenyan by birth, Olivia finds inspiration by working hands-on with fellow African suppliers and artisans, connecting with local craftsmen and skills groups and incorporating their traditional skillsets into Asha : Eleven designs. With ethics + sustainability as a driving force behind Asha : Eleven, the brand believes that the future of the fashion industry is one where sustainability is the norm; where one no longer needs to educate and drive for change – it simply is. The Asha : Eleven design identity is trend aware but believes in timeless, trans-seasonal fashion which is made to last whilst discouraging over-consumption and wastefulness.

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Traditional hand craftsmanship using 100% natural or recycled materials. Custom printing is certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and done digitally to minimise water use.


Work closely with small production houses that have positive cultures, fair working conditions and fair wages.


Promote and support disadvantaged communities through the practice of 'trade not aid'.

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