3 Reasons Why Timeless Decorating Is Always In Style

Plus the one question you need to ask yourself when decorating your home.

When it comes to buying home décor pieces, we always ask ourselves: “Will it stand the test of time? Will I still like, need and value this [insert product name here] in 2 / 5 / 10 year’s time?”

It’s a simple question, but we can’t emphasise enough how powerful it can be in making you pause and reflect upon the reasons behind why you are buying that product.

Do you really like it, or have you just seen it so much on your social media that you’ve been swept into a craze? Do you really need it, or is it just an impulse purchase, and you’re sure you’ll find somewhere for it to fit in your home later (…right?)

When we’re guided solely by the latest trends and what we see on Instagram, ultimately, there will come a point where:

a) you get bored of seeing the same interiors over and over again, or

b) the trend moves on and you’re wishing you’d gone for the latest trending homeware piece.

Avoiding the “trend trap” may feel impossible when we’re surrounded by constant ads and beautiful interior content, but by asking yourself this simple question and thinking more carefully about your needs and motives, you’ll soon find it's easy enough! And that timeless decorating not only saves you the pain and heartbreak of chasing trends, but comes with a houseful of additional benefits too.

Create a home that reflects you.

You’ll find yourself starting to build an interior that reflects your tastes, your life, your family – a space that is true to you. A home that feels timeless.

Whether you are replicating a room from your favourite influencer or following a look from a fast retail giant, there’s no doubt that the end results can look good. But does it speak to you?

When we copy from others, a room can end up feeling impersonal or like a catalogue. Just another kitchen with the same kitchen chair you’ve seen in every other account you follow on social media. (Not to mention we’re back into dangerous waters – will you still like the chairs when they’re no longer on trend?)

Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking inspiration from trends. It’s hard not to! But when you start to choose pieces that are meaningful for you – that fit with your sense of style, your needs and your life – your space will start to feel less like a house and more like a home. You’ll develop your own unique style that feels personal, curated and thought out and is timeless to you.

For more tips on creating a home meaningful to you, check out this interview the wonderful  Kemi Lawson of Cottage Noir.

Save money (and time).

More than that, done wisely, you may even find yourself saving money. That’s right! When you don’t have to replace your items every few years, it goes without saying that this will save you money in the long term.

Now, it’s worth mentioning quality here. When we speak about homeware that lasts, we mean in terms of style and in terms of quality - i.e., homeware that’s built to last. Whilst a higher price point doesn’t always mean higher quality, it is true that higher quality can mean a higher price. Quality craftsmanship needs good quality materials, a skilled artisan (or machine) and time. All of these things cost money, and (assuming that the brand in this scenario is ethical and pays their artisans fairly) will result in a higher price tag than mass-produced alternatives made quickly using cheap materials and cheap labour.

If budget is of concern, even with the long-term savings in mind, try to think about quality over quantity. It’s not a race! The great thing about timeless styling is there’s no rush to keep up with the latest style (or that pang of financial guilt every time you look at that cushion you no longer like). Take your time to save and only purchase when and if you feel comfortable to do so. You have plenty of time to create the look you’re after. And there’s always second-hand too.

Our planet will thank you.

Choosing timeless home décor is much more sustainable. When we constantly update our homes to keep up with trends, we’re fuelling trend mentality and (depending on where you buy from) the companies that promote them. Like fast fashion, fast homeware brands that push trends and buying more have consequences. The continuous manufacturing of new products has a significant environmental impact, relying upon cheap materials, toxic chemicals, unnecessary transportation and cheap labour to enable low retail prices and quick turnarounds.

Then there’s the added complication of what happens to the existing homeware and furniture that people already own? According to a study by Hammonds Furniture, Brits are throwing away 69.9 million pieces of homeware each year. That’s £2.2 billion worth sent to landfills!

Buying homeware that lasts, in terms of style and quality, ultimately reduces the need to buy so much, saving our landfills, our resources, and the people who work tirelessly (and often unsafely) to meet fast retail’s demands.


“Will it stand the test of time? Will I still like, need and value this [insert product here] in 2 or even 20 year’s time?”

Yes, it sounds simple. But give it a try, and you’ll see just how impactful this question can be.

In our next blog, we’ll dive into what makes a home décor piece “timeless” and offer some simple tips to think about to help you create a look that remains relevant throughout the decades, no matter the current trend.

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