AKOJO MARKET 2020 Impacts Report

Impacts Report 2020 Title Lead Image

In 2020 AKOJO MARKET brought you 43 pioneering designers, industry change makers and sustainability thought leaders. The AKOJO MARKET Impacts Report is about tracking real impact on human lives and livelihoods, preservation of traditional craft and minimising harm on the environment. 2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges but brought with it inspiring stories of resilience and community. This report stands as a testament to each of our brands, all of whom went to extraordinary lengths to care for the welfare of their artisan makers and wider community.

"Over 90% of our brands are female; Collectively they empower and contribute to the financial independence and skills training of over 2,500 mostly female artisans in Africa."

Read about our brands’ incredible efforts to hire locally, hire female artisans, pay fair and good wages, offer skills training, provide additional support for communities in need (especially during Covid-19) and introduce pioneering methods of sustainable production.

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