15 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Motherly Figure In Your Life

Ethical and eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts, for women and by women!

Falling on 27th March this year, Mother’s Day is about celebrating the special women in your life. Be that your mum, grandma, sister, stepmum, guardian, or other motherly figure, it’s a chance to say thank you for all they have done and show them how much they mean to you.

This year, why not choose a unique Mother’s Day gift that supports women-led businesses like these. Using traditional methods and responsibly sourced materials, each gift has been hand crafted by artisans around the world, resulting in beautiful, high-quality pieces that are truly one of a kind.

Whilst we’ve put together this list for Mother’s Day, these gifts can be given at any time of the year and to whoever you may fancy. Because we believe the special women in our lives deserve to be celebrated every day! And don’t forget to complement your gift with a Mother’s Day card – why not use one of these gorgeous hand painted cards by the female duo from Affandjam?

1. Elements Silk Scarf, Mantua, £75

Go classic with a silk scarf made from the finest Chinese silk. Available in a variety of prints and colours, we especially love their bold and colourful “elements” design.

2. Birth Flower Necklace, Meraki Jewellery Designs - £75

Looking for personalised Mother’s Day jewellery? Make it subtle with a necklace engraved with the flower of her birth month.

3. Blantyre Glass Storage Jar, Qäsa Qäsa, £42

Glass storage jars made from recycled wine bottles, what’s not to love? Perfect for those looking to give something a little bit different this year.

4. Marigold Turquoise & Red Agate Beaded Stud Earrings, Ottoman Hands, £43

Made by hand by the local artisans in the Istanbul workshop, these light and easy to wear, petite stud earrings showcases a delicate floral design adorned by bright turquoise and red agate beads. Perfect for adding artisanal charm. These ones come under £50.

5. Boss Lady Candle, Flickerwick, £32

The name says it all. Let them know who the real lady is in your life is with Flickerwick’s “Boss Lady” candle. Intertwined with notes of grapefruit, basil and bergamot, the candle is made from natural soy wax and hand-poured into reusable glass jars.

6. Noor Earrings, Pichulik, £50

Noor means “the light” in Arabic. Let them know who brings light to your life with these simple yet beautiful rope and brass earrings.

7. Linen Bathrobe, LÁAYO, £160

Tailored from soft washed linen, your mum will feel like she’s getting a hug from you every time she wears it. If linens not their vibe, why not check out the designer’s bamboo silk selection.

8. Impala Track Necklace, Lilabare - £60

Leave a print on their heart with an impala track necklace. Cast from real life footprints, the recycled brass necklace is also available with gazelle, giraffe, stork and dik diks prints.

9. Refugee Printed Linen Napkins (set of 2), Love Welcomes - £19

If you’re looking for something with a pop of colour then this set of colourful napkins are for you. Made from 100% recycled linen, each napkin is lovingly hand printed by female refugee artisans using eco-friendly dyes. Every purchase supports living wage employment to confidence and independent refugee women.

10. Love Gold Pendant Necklace, Ottoman Hands, £45

This handmade pendant necklace is lovingly carved with Egyptian ‘Love’ hieroglyphs. A thoughtful Mother’s Day jewellery gift which keeps love close to you every day.

11. Hanging Planter Basket, Mia Melange, from £34

We all need a bit of greenery in our lives, and we all need somewhere to keep them. Let them hang their plants in style with a 100% cotton hanging planter. Available in three vibrant colourways.

12. Jelani Bracelet, Dear Katiopae, £42

A stylish, adjustable brass bracelet that can be paired with any outfit. Go the extra mile and make it a set with the designer’s matching ring and choker necklace.

13. Pyjama Bamboo Silk Set, LÁAYO, £160

Remind your mum to take time for herself with a bamboo silk loungewear set. And if you’re feeling really generous, there are matching silk robes too. Available in two colours: charcoal grey and yellow.

14. Ese Ne Tekrema Brass Candlestick Holder, Dear Katiopae, £49

Let your mum know what she means to you with this recycled brass candlestick holder. The design features the unique West African Adrinkra symbol Ese Ne Tekrema meaning friendship and interdependence. 

15. Bush Bandits Stone Tea Towel, Ardmore Design, £38

Blurring the line between are and homeware, Ardmore’s Design vibrant tea towels are a celebration of life and colour. Featuring an intricate bush themed illustration with zebras, leopards and fauna, she’ll want to hang this tea towel where it can been seen. A unique Mother’s Day gift for wildlife lovers and entertainers.

Still haven’t found the good environmentally friendly gift you’re looking for? Be sure to check out our range of practical gift guides – including our vegan and fair trade gifting blogs – for more inspiration.

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