Tandi Fashion

"A celebration of all women"

Tandi Fashion

Tandi Fashion create clothing that is inspired and crafted from East African fabric called ‘kanga’. Kanga is a cotton cloth that has Swahili proverbs printed at the base. In East Africa, women wear kangas to express a specific message or feeling on that day, through the fabric. Tandi Fashion clothing allows women to ‘wear’ their emotions. Not only does the brand use prints inspired by East African kanga designs, Tandi also keep the Swahili messages within the fabrics allowing one to ‘wear’ their emotions, and keep that little piece of history. In simple words “it’s a vehicle of non-verbal communication and I find that empowering” – designer Thandi Ojeer.

Tandi Fashion has never followed fashion seasons, instead treating the garments like numbered prints of art. When a certain print sells out, it is gone and the brand introduces a new print. By acting in this way it reduces waste, where each pattern becomes a unique, limited edition.

Crafted from Kanga fabric, handmade in London, Tandi fashion employ underprivileged women. A portion of proceeds goes towards programs fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa supporting HIV positive women.

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