Soul Design

"Each SOUL Design piece is handmade and unique. Recycled brass is cut by hand, using traditional methods, by a brass smith in Kenya. The beads and charms are sourced from all over Africa, and it is all put together into the gorgeous jewellery you wear by a team of ladies in Cape Town."

Soul Design

For women with a nomadic spirit and a gentle confidence, Soul Design is a Cape Town based jewellery brand that lets you explore Africa by shedding light on creativity across the continent. The brand was founded by Abi James, who joined forces recently with Vics Bresler.  Together they share a love for Africa, creativity and travel – which combined forms the foundation of SOUL Design.

SOUL connects with artisans across the continent, to create unique pieces of jewellery, handmade using materials sourced locally and consciously. SOUL is passionate about ethical and sustainable trade, and committed to providing long term employment to the people it works with.  SOUL has various give back initiatives, and where possible supports local creatives to build their business in order to be able to work for themselves.   

Each SOUL Design piece is a modern keepsake of African creativity. It tells a story about where it has come from the hands that made it.

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