Raw Beauty

"Eco-Luxury brand that promotes clean beauty and sustainability."

Raw Beauty

The unparalleled, diverse and distinct species of flora and fauna that adorn and shelter the incredibly vast and flat Region of Northern Nigeria inspired the creation of RAW Beauty.

Located in the heart of the African Sahel, RAW Beauty’s product aesthetics are influenced by the transitional nature of our land, where the rugged and arid Sahara Desert meets the lush grass and wood lands of the Savanna. The products are a perfect juxtaposition of Ancient Indigenous and Medicinal Plant Extracts with Modern Active Ingredients, Advanced Formulation and Molecular Science, creating the Ultimate ‘Eco Luxury Brand’ that is grounded in tradition but charges into the future.

Sustainability lies within the brands core and is embedded in all its processes:

We are Farm-to-Skin, bold enough to be Anti-Plastic, have a No-Waste Ethos and we Support Women but also believe in Equal Opportunities. Our brand is good for the people, plant life, animals, the environment and our planet.”

L A U N C H I N G  S O O N

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