"Duarra connects artisans with the global market"


Duarra was founded by Manitou Nsaka, a London based journalist originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Four years ago, while on holiday in Kinshasa, the capital, he was surprised to discover that Kuba artisans were struggling to make ends meet, despite producing exquisite pieces of textile. Furthermore, the 400 year old tradition wasn’t pass down to the next generation. Indeed, an increasing number of young Kuba artisans don’t see it as viable way of earning a living because there’s very little money. After conducting thorough research, Manitou decided to form a mutually beneficial partnership with Kuba artisans to help them sell their products to a global audience. He feels it is the best way to preserve this precious ancient heritage. The Kuba pillows are Manitou’s most popular products – customers are intrigued by the earthy tones, rich texture and contemporary sophistication.

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