24 Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts to Love Now and Forever

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thoughtful wedding gifts

Weddings are back. And after two years of cancellations, postponed ceremonies or relying on livestreams to witness the big day, we’re finally able to celebrate freely!

If you’re lucky enough to be attending a wedding this year, one of the challenges you may be grappling with is what exactly to gift the soon-to-be newlyweds. Things get even trickier if the couple are eco champions and would recoil at a gift that wasn’t in line with their sustainable lifestyle. And a quick Google search may only leave you wondering which claims to believe.

Now, we don’t claim to be experts by any means, but we do know a thing or two about ethical gifting. So to help you on your hunt, we’ve curated a list of eco-friendly wedding gifts for the newlywed couple. All our gifts are functional and designed to last from one generation to the next – a rather good omen for the happy couple as they embark on their new lives together.

But before we jump in, we answer your burning questions on gift buying. How much should you spend on a gift? What makes a good wedding gift? How can I make the gift meaningful? Read on for advice and tips to help you select the perfect sustainable wedding present.

How much should you spend on a wedding gift?

The truth is, there are no definitive terms for how much you should spend on a gift. The answer depends largely on who the happy couple is and what your relationship is with them. What we can say, is that you don’t need to break the bank to find something special. And if you do find something that you love that stretches beyond your budget, there’s nothing to stop you from partnering with a friend or two and giving the gift together.

What makes a good wedding gift?

When it comes to what makes a wedding gift “good,” it’s important to think about the purpose of the gift. A thoughtful wedding gift is not only a way of congratulating the newlyweds, but also your chance to help them build their new lives and home together. With this in mind, we find the home itself is an excellent place to start. If the couple has a wedding list, it can be easy to see what they already have and what they still need. But if they don’t have a registry, or if you have decided to venture away from it, it’s best to avoid “the essentials” (i.e., the toasters and the blenders) to save the couple from being inundated with duplicates. Start by looking for something practical and high quality and you’re on the right track.

How can you make your wedding gift meaningful?

The best and most memorable gifts are often those that carry meaning. Whilst again, there are many ways for a gift to have meaning, one thing’s for certain: people are caring more and more about where their products come from, who made them, and under what conditions. By choosing ethically made and eco-friendly wedding gifts, you’ll find that each product has its own story that makes it special. Whether that be where it was made, how it was made, who made it, or all three. Opt for something artisan-made and handcrafted and you’re guaranteed to find something that is not only memorable, but something that is totally unique and will stay with the couple for years to come.

And so, without further ado: 24 of our favourite eco-friendly wedding gifts for the newlywed couple.

Gift ideas for the home

1. Abay Cotton Hand Towel, Qasa Qasa, £22.95

pink cotton hand towel

Hand woven in Ethiopia using time honoured techniques, these hand towels will look stunning in the newlyweds bathroom. Made from 100% hand spun Ethiopian cotton, the towels are soft to touch and get softer with every wash. 

2. City Shapes Throw, SMTNG Good Studios, £255

100% cotton throw

A good quality throw makes a thoughtful and practical gift that can be used throughout the house. Made from 100% cottons sourced from accredited South African farmers, we love this design-led abstract throw from SMTNG Good studios.  

3. Sea Life Guest Towel - Crab, KISANY, £35

Embroidered hand towel with crab

Made from 100% linen that gets softer with every wash, these embroidered guest towels are especially suited to couples that love the seaside. Each towel is handmade and embroidered by artisans in Rwanda.

Gift ideas for the foodie lover

4. Milk & Cookies Breakfast Bowl Set, TR Ceramics, £100

Ceramic breakfast bowls

Help the happy couple start their mornings right with these gorgeous ceramic breakfast bowls from TR Ceramics. Each bowl is hand thrown using earthenware and finished with a playful “milk drip” glaze.

5. Round Wooden Chopping Board, Raw Label, £50

Handcarved wooden chopping boards

This wooden chopping board makes a thoughtful wedding gift for newlywed couples that love to cook or entertain. Made by Zambian woodworkers using local teak wood, the boards double as serving platters. 

6. Blue Ceramic Half Moon Carafe, La muerte tiene permiso*, £98

Blue Ceramic Wine Carafe with Two Cups

Something new… something blue. The colour blue on a wedding day traditionally represents love, fidelity and trust. Wish the happy couple well with this striking decanter from Mexico. Designed especially to hold tequila, it makes a great gift for the tequila loving couples in your life.

Thoughtful wedding gifts

7. Unity Art Print, The Adorned Home, £55-£65

block printed zebra print

Named “unity”,  this print is a particularly suitable gift for marking the union of the newlyweds. Designed by South African artist Nastasha Sale, the print is limited edition making it a special addition to any home.

8. Sunrise Plateau, Indego Africa, £55

Woven wall basket

Inspired by a Rwandan sunrise, this handwoven plateau seems symbolic of the couples new beginning together. Made using an ancient Rwandan technique, the plateau’s can be used as a fruit basket, accent piece, or hung together with other wall baskets for an eye-catching wall feature.

9. Small Milaya - Birds, The Milaya Project, £28

embroidered bird wall art

What better gift for a pair of love birds than a pair of love birds? Each embroidery is made by South Sudan female refugees living in Uganda using Milayas – a traditional embroidery used for dowries and celebrations in South Sudan.

Gifts for those that like to make a statement

10. Camp Critter Jade Coaster Set, Ardmore Design, £32

Jade green animal print set of 4 coasters

Inspired by the creatures of the Sabie bush in South Africa, these jade green coasters are sure to add life to the couple’s home. Complete with a velvet back, the hard board coasters are also available in white and black and can be mixed and matched with other tableware from the designer.

11. Venice Natural Bolga Fan, Lola & Mawu, £32.99

Woven wall fan

Made in Ghana, these woven wall fans are sure to surprise the happy couple. The fans are handwoven from 100% natural straw and look fantastic hung on the wall alone or as a group of 2 or 3 for a bolder statement.

12. Sabie Square Tablecloth in Tanzanite, Ardmore Design, £290

Animal and floral print blue square tablecloth

This luxurious tablecloth by Ardmore Design will wow the newlyweds and any future guests they may host. Its weighty feel and intricate design is sure to elevate their table and spark endless conversations. The tablecloth is also available in rectangle and multiple colours. 

Vegan wedding gifts

13. Organic Savannah Collection, Organic Savannah, £58

natural candle and soap gift set

Featuring a soothing soy and eucalyptus candle, an aloe-rich soap bar, and a moisturising baobab balm, this gift set from Organic Savanna has everything the couple need to relax into their new chapter together. 

14. English Pear & Freesia Diffuser, Flickerwick, £32

Natural diffuser

Gift the couple a world of fragrance with Flickerwick’s phthalate free diffuser. With uplifting notes of freesias and just-ripe pears freesias mellowed by amber and patchouli, this gift will connect the couple with the English countryside wherever they may be.

15. Naturally Dyed Olive Green Linen Tea Towel, The Adorned Home, £18

naturally dyed linen tea towel

Tea towels are a staple in every house. So why not gift the newlyweds some natural linen tea towels that are as beautiful as they are practical. Each tea towel is hand block printed using dye made from organic plant waste. 

Minimalist wedding gifts

16. Ceramic Candlestick Holder - Baté, Weruzo, £100

ceramic double candlestick holder

Minimalists are all about stripping things down to their most basic form. Like this sculptural ceramic candlestick holder by Weruzo. Crafted using traditional indigenous techniques and left unglazed in its raw natural state, this ornamental piece is a winning gift for the minimalist couples. 

17. Resting Face Print, AFFANDJAM, £43.99

minimalist face print

Featuring an abstract face design, this minimalist print will look good in almost any room. Exclusive to AKOJO MARKET, it makes a fantastic gift for those couples who like to have something a little different.

18. Tongo Large Bolga Pot, Lola & Mawu, £64.99

monochrome woven basket

The key to a minimalist home is tidiness and good storage. Handwoven from natural straw and featuring a sleek monochrome design, this large Bolga pot will fit seamlessly into any newlywed’s home. 

Eco-friendly gifts for the bride

19. Yellow Bamboo Silk Robe, Laayo, £185

yellow silk robe

Nothing says luxury like a full length silk robe. Cut from certified organic bamboo silk, this silky soft gown will keep the bride feeling spoiled long after the wedding day is over. Because every bride deserves a little spoiling.

20. Boss Lady Soy Wax Scented Candle, Flickerwick, £32

soy wax candle with wooden wick

Remind the bride who the real boss is with this hand poured soy wax candle. Featuring notes of bergamot, lime, basil and jasmine for a fragrance that is both refreshing, long lasting and understated.

21. Amaze Silk Sleep Mask, Mantua Silk, £25

colourful silk sleep masks

When you’re destined to share the bed every night, a good sleep routine key. Tailored from 100% satin silk, not only will this sleep mask ensure the bride a good night sleep, the silk also contains amino acids that have a natural anti-ageing effect.

Eco-friendly gifts for the groom

22. Grey Linen Robe – Grace, Laayo, £165

grey linen robe

Made from 100% Italian linen, this robe is both sophisticated and comfortable. Whilst a stylish gift for all grooms, its especially perfect for those who enjoy a little luxury in their lives.

23. Winning Team Scented Candle, Flickerwick, £32

wooden wick soy wax candle

Every home needs candles. Gift the groom this wooden wick candle from Flickerwick, with notes of rich tobacco leaf, woodland greens and peppered amber.

24. Gift Set: Luxemen Groom & Go, Luxemore, £65

natural mens grooming set

One for all the bearded grooms, this curated set from Luxemore Go makes grooming effortless. The set features a powerful oil and moisturiser combo that softens, tames, nourishes and moisturises in  just two simple steps.

Whilst we hope our wedding gift guide has gotten you that little bit closer to finding the perfect gift, we know these things take time. If none of the above quite take your fancy, why not check out our range of ethical gifts guides here for more inspiration.


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